LoTs of Things help a loT.
Like experience. And enThusiasm.

After many years of insights and exposure to the practicalities of organisations I enjoy sharing this experience with others. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back, assume this experience is enough for me – and become detached.

I still find working with people in middle management as fascinating and rewarding as it has always been. And as each year brings new insights, I feel the same sense of fascination, respect and appreciation for both people and the topics they work on – often in pivotal positions that play a key role within the company.

These people are just as important to an organisation of 20 people as they are to 200, 2000 or even 20,000. Whether it’s industry and manufacturing, the public sector, science and academia, the automotive sector, IT, publishing, insurance, consulting or the property industry –

energy always radiates from within – beaming out in every direction.

My career to daTe.
Good To know.

Places and positions.

  • 11 years in IT services, most recently as a head of learning services (including e-learning)
  • 2 years as a project manager at an e-learning company, working on the development of concepts and content for online learning programs
  • Since 2008, self-employed as a management trainer and coach, including partnerships with a variety of leading trainer networks (e.g. MZSG, St. Gallen) and coaching academies; details on request

Training and education

  • LMU Munich (1989 – 1995): Master of Arts
  • University of Virginia, USA (Aug 1992 – May 1993): DAAD scholarship
  • Munich Academy for Business Coaching (Jan 2007 – Feb 2008): training as a dvct-certified systemic business coach
  • Forum for Analytical and Clinical Art Therapy (Jun 2005 – Nov 2008): Training to become an art therapist
  • Stöger & Partner (Apr 2013 – Nov 2013): supplementary qualification as an NLP Business Practitioner (DVNLP)
  • HR Academy Munich (May 2013): supplementary qualification as a team coach
  • living diversity (Sept 2023 – Nov 2023): training as a diversity trainer

The producT of TrusT.

Excerpt from my list of clients:



SVS (savings bank insurance services)

PATRIZIA Real Estate

Sony Music Entertainment Germany


Caritasverband Frankfurt

AM Ventures Management

Olympiapark Munich


Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, The Senator for Finance

Max Planck Society

I am happy to provide letters of reference upon request.

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