Going for gold?
You’ll have To dig.

When what’s needed most is a long-lasting solution, I look beyond the surface and dig deep. For me, putting the current situation and the broader context of your company under the microscope is just as important as ensuring I keep going until I gain a sense of the underlying causes of issues in management – so they can be addressed properly, with the long term in mind.

This detailed process allows me to offer the right training, workshops and coaching – unique services, designed to fit like a glove.

Management training

Leadership is also subjecT To iTs own rules and require­menTs. Even unwriTTen ones.

The training I provide is always based closely on the individual perspective of each manager.

What’s important for people in a new role is that they’re understood as individuals and that we strike the right balance between team expectations and guidelines laid down by the company.

In areas where people’s experience is already bearing fruit, increasing complexity and finding yourself confronted by conflicting management interests does tend to test your ability to deal with ambiguity – again and again.


Irrespective of their current situation, course participants gain a clear understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of management. You also learn how to develop your own, more confident approach to leadership, based on the right tools, methods and communication techniques.

Team Coaching

You'll never walk alone.
Easier said Than done.

Group dynamics – one of those terms that raise the pulse the moment your hear them. Whenever I sense conflict coming – between managers and their teams, or between people within a team – I realise how workshops actually have a unique ability to unlock doors to a new and genuine approach to team-work.

Sometimes I notice acceptance problems after a team member is made team lead. Sometimes previously separate groups of people have been thrown together. But it’s situations like this that offer every potential to release (explosive) energy – from the inside out.

The team coaching I offer also places emphasis on people working in groups. This is important, for example, when it comes to clarifying roles or responsibilities within new departments, or if workflows change due to a transformation programme, or if supposedly ‘difficult’ colleagues need help settling into a team.

One-on-one coaching

Goals should be jusT ThaT. Goals.

People sandwiched in middle management face different kinds of problems, which I remain conscious of when providing support – efficiently, while still remaining sensitive to different phases of ambiguity, uncertainty or reorientation.

Overall, my goal is to help managers fulfil their goals – on the shortest journey possible. Nothing is ever trivialised, but similarly nobody is expected to be a hero. What matters most is the will to change – so people can develop and move forward in the most pragmatic way possible.

Problems sTem from people. As do soluTions.

People working in management are often forgotten about – especially regarding who they are and where they came from. Because of this, I always take clients to a place where there’s immediate clarity and thus a solution – where they feel connected with themselves and others.

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